Request to Waiver or Modification Cornell’s Insurance Requirements

Cornell requires all third-party contractors, vendors, service providers, or the users of University facilities, to provide evidence of certain types of insurance coverage at specified minimum limits of liability.  These requirements ensure that if a claim is filed because of exposures related to the scope of work, financial protection will cover the third-party’s obligations under the agreement.

Consider working with contractors who have insurance already in place. If a contractor is not able to meet the standard requirements, the Office of Risk Management may be able to grant a waiver. Insurance waivers should not be the norm, and when granted, are only done so on a one-time basis.
When a waiver is requested, the contractor in question should not be engaged until a waiver is granted. Requests will not be considered after a contractor has begun work.

Corporations and other legal business entities are not eligible for a waiver if required coverages are considered standard business insurance requirements.

It is also possible to request a modification to the standard requirements (i.e. reduction in limit, waiver of workers’ compensation, or auto liability when the work is to occur remotely) if the risk to the university is considered minimal/low.

Requests to waive or modify any insurance requirements (except for events or services involving minors) should be submitted by the contractor or consultant to the office of Risk Management and Insurance as follows:

  • Confirm the services do not involve working with minors
  • Confirm that the contractor does not have the required insurance
  • Complete the form in its entirety (partially completed forms will not be processed)
  • The contract administrator must forward a copy of the agreement and the  waiver form to Risk Management for review and/or approval

The waiver request must be made by the contractor or consultant. It cannot be made on the contractor’s or consultant’s behalf by the Cornell department or unit contracting for the work.

The department or unit must recognize its oversight responsibilities for all risk associated with the scope of work. If RMI grants the waiver, the department or university may be required to assume financial responsibility for any costs or expenses resulting from the negligence or errors/omissions that would otherwise have been covered by the consultant’s or contractor’s insurance.