About RMI

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance is responsible for:

The procurement and management of general liability, property, and student insurance (exclusive only of Workers Compensation).

Assisting units in the management of their risk through:

  • planning what work must be done to protect Cornell against the adverse effects of accidental losses.
  • organizing personnel and other resources to carry out this work.
  • leading personnel throughout Cornell to motivate them in their responsibilities relative to risk management.
  • controlling Cornell’s risk management program and evaluating its effectiveness.
  • coordinating the experts in the areas of safety, security, law, claims administration, and finance in addressing claims, potential claims, and litigation against the University.
  • making decisions relative to the risks that the University encounters in its operations.

 We facilitate the risk management decision-making process:

  • Identify risks that can prevent Cornell from achieving its’ strategic goals
  • Analyze the potential impact on Cornell should a loss occur.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate risk control and/or risk financing techniques.
  • Implement the controls and/or techniques
  • Review and monitor the effectiveness of the implemented controls and/or techniques.

We provide advice on specific risk management topics:

  • Assumption of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreements
  • Strategic Risk Planning
  • Insurance Purchase and Management
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Claims Management
  • Contract Review and Modification
  • Liability Release Agreements
  • Minors Programs
  • Cost Allocation (Insurance Billing)
  • Disclaimer Forms
  • Employing Individuals Outside Of New York State and Internationally
  • Event Review
  • International Insurance and Contracts Management
  • Use of Vehicles for University Business
  • University Policies
  • Volunteer Requests