Events with Alcohol

Event sponsors hosting events with alcohol on University property must adhere to the following requirements:

Review University Policy 4.8, Alcohol and Other Drugs

Assign a person responsible for the alcohol service. That person must be aware that assuming responsibility for the alcohol service includes the risks of personal civil and criminal liability.

  • Employees: That person may be a University employee only under the following conditions:
    1. The events is for invited guests only,
    2. A majority of guests are at least 21-years-old, and
    3. No more than 50 guests are expected.
  • Graduate students: That person may be an enrolled graduate student only if the following are true:
    1. The event is for invited graduate students and/or employees only,
    2. A majority of guests are at least 21-years-old, and
    3. No more than 50 guests are expected
  • Caterer: That person may be a licensed and insured caterer if the following are true:
    1. Registered with Procurement Services to cater events on University property
    2. Satisfied the University’s minimum insurance requirements
    3. Obtained a NYS Special Event Permit and displays it at the event
  • Undergraduate students: May not provide alcohol at events on University property.


Develop an alcohol service plan if not hiring a caterer: Event organizers must develop and follow a plan for responsibly managing the event.  The responsible person must do the following:

  • Check guest’s identification and serve the alcohol,
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol during the event,
  • Limit alcohol consumption to one drink per person, per hour during the event,
  • Never serve alcohol to anyone who appears to have been consuming alcohol or other drugs prior to the event,
  • Discard leftover food and alcohol at the conclusion of the event, and
  • Ensure heavy food and water is available throughout the duration of the event.