GeoBlue health insurance for exchange visitors

US Government regulations mandate that all exchange visitors (J1 visa holders) and their dependents (J2) have health and accident insurance in order to participate in Cornell’s Exchange Visitor Program. In addition, federal regulations prohibit an extension of J1 status beyond the dates on the DS-2019 form without insurance for yourself and family members.

Cornell has a health insurance plan that many international scholars with academic appointments may join. Eligibility depends on the conditions of your appointment. Please check with your university department’s human resources or hiring manager.  Additional information can also be found at Cornell’s Benefits website. If you do not qualify for Cornell insurance, Cornell has negotiated an health insurance plan with GeoBlue that exceeds the Department of State minimum requirements, and is accepted by Ithaca area medical providers.  Please be aware that there are limitations and exclusions for any insurance policy.

It is important to remember that in the United States certain kinds of elective medical care, such as eyeglasses or dentistry are ordinarily not covered by insurance and can be very expensive. Exchange Visitors may wish to consider taking care of dental and eye needs before leaving home.