All Risk Program

All Risk Insurance

The University offers Units a protection program for portable property against theft or other “all risk” perils under the separately run “All Risk Program.”

“All Risk” coverage is not automatically granted. Units desiring this coverage must register items with the Office Risk Management & Insurance  and pay a separate premium.  Values should be assigned for scheduled items based on “replacement costs.” Units may not make a profit on this protection, therefore it is up to them to be certain correct “replacement cost” values are reported.

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance may require that a unit request a loss prevention survey from the Crime prevention Unit of Cornell Police before granting all risk coverage on high value property. Such surveys are performed at no cost to the requesting unit. The Office of Risk Management and Insurance normally requires surveys when the risk of loss appears great due to a history of losses at a location.


Coverage for Employee Personal Property

Personal property of employees can be covered under the optional “All Risk” Program, if:

  1. The property or equipment is being used for the sole or primary benefit of Cornell; and
  2. The property or equipment is housed inside Cornell owned or controlled premises; and
  3. Doing so does not result in abuse of the privilege.

Cornell has no obligation to insure the personal property of its employees; this is an accommodation and the granting of such coverage may be terminated or declined at our discretion.

This coverage will not apply if an employee removes the equipment or item(s) from Cornell owned or controlled premises, whether to take the property home or on a field or research trip or for any other reason, without prior consent of the Office of Risk Management & Insurance. An additional premium may be charged for use at additional locations.

We will not cover non-work related employee personal property under any circumstances.