RMI Contact Information

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance

Phone: (607) 254-1575

Email: risk_mgmt@cornell.edu

Address: 395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 330, Ithaca, NY. 14850

Nakeschi Watkins (nnw6@cornell.edu)

Interim Director

Paula Griffin (phg1@cornell.edu)

Minors Program Administrator & Office Manager

Ellie Dodd (eed54@cornell.edu)

Risk Management Associate

Contract Review

Insurance Requirements

International and Domestic Requirements

Reporting Accidents and Incidents Claims

Special Programs

Student Clubs and Organizations

University Insurance Programs

Waivers and Hold Harmless


Events (w/alcohol, catering, inflatables, athletic activities)

Insuring Cornell University Owned or Leased Equipment

Programs with Minors (under the age of 18 yrs)



Certificate of Insurance  request

Contract Review

Domestic Requirements

Facility Use Agreements

Insurance Requirements

Insurance Waiver and Requests

University Insurance Programs

Waivers and Hold Harmless