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Event Registration Process (Formerly UUP process)

In order to use Cornell University Property for a non-Cornell Event the following requirements need to be met:

Complete a rental agreement for use of the facility or property with the appropriate University Department.

Complete an Event Registration Form

– Contact Student Activities Office, 255-4169

– Online at

Provide the University with Proof of Insurance for your event. This is required to protect the University, and it’s assets, from being held liable for the accidents and/or incidents that occur on our property and are not the result of the University’s wrong doing but are caused by outside individuals or organizations using Cornell’s property.

If a caterer or other vendor will be involved in your event they will need to meet the same insurance requirements that are in place for the event holder. If alcohol is to be part of the event, it must be served by a licensed and insured caterer.  Click here for a list of caterers who meet the requirements

An example of the insurance requirements for event holders, caterers and vendors are:

$1,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability

$1,000,000 Liquor Legal Liability and/or Host Liquor Liability (if alcohol is to be served)

$1,000,000 products/completed operations liability for caterers and vendors

$1,000,000 Athletic Participation and Spectator Liability (if the event involves sports)

Additionally, Cornell University needs to be named as an “Additional Insured” on the insurance policy for the date of the event.

For those individuals or organizations who currently have insurance that meets the requirements, a certificate of insurance should be submitted to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance for review and approval.

If you do not currently have insurance that meets the requirements please contact the Department of Risk Management & Insurance to discuss what options are available to you. A special event insurance policy is available if necessary.

Any questions regarding the requirements for the use of Cornell University property should be directed to the person in charge of rental of the facility, or to the Department of Risk Management & Insurance

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