Vehicle Use

Driving University-owned or leased vehicles for University-related business: All student drivers of University-owned or Leased vehicles are required to complete a Driver History Questionnaire annually.  Faculty and staff may complete a driver history questionnaire, but are not required to for use of a University-owned vehicle.  If there is a change in your license status after you have completed the form, you are required to immediately notify your supervisor.

Driver History Questionnaire

Safety Service Inspection

Vehicle Accident Report

Vehicle Representative Appointment

Vehicle Use Authorization Request


Please refer to University Policy 3.2 – University Travel  and  University Policy 3.4: Use of Cornell Vehicles  prior to completing the Driver History Questionnaire.


If you are in accident while using a vehicle for University Business, please:

1. Notify the Police and obtain information for drivers of other vehicles involved in the accident

2. a. If driving a University Owned Vehicle, contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance

b. If driving a rental vehicle, contact the rental company

c. If driving a personal vehicle, contact your insurance company