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Personal Vehicles

Using personal vehicles for University business is highly discouraged!  If you use your own vehicle, it is your responsibility to carry adequate personal insurance coverage for yourself, your vehicle, and any passengers. A traveler should review his/her personal insurance coverage prior to using his or her vehicle for business.  The vehicle owner’s automobile insurance is primary for any accident and damage to personal vehicles is not reimbursable by the University.  Passengers should be informed that they are using the vehicle on a voluntary basis.

Drivers should consult with their insurance agent to determine appropriate coverage. The traveler’s vehicle insurance is the primary insurance coverage when using a personal vehicle for university business.

If you are in an accident with your personal vehicle while on University Business, contact the Police, and your insurance company immediately.  Contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance as soon as possible.

Please refer to the University Travel – Policy 3.2 regarding reimbursement for personal vehicle use.

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