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International Travel

Please review University Policy 8.5: Risk Management for International Travel prior to departing on your trip.

Students need to read and sign an  International Travel Release of Liability

UHC Global Travel Assistance: When traveling internationally, there is increased risk when compared to domestic travel.  Cornell Faculty, Staff and Students are provided with travel assistance services through our program with UnitedHealthcare Global.  UnitedHealthcare Global supports Cornell travelers with Travel Assistance, Medical Assistance, and Medical, Security and Natural Disaster Emergency Evacuation.   The services provided by UnitedHealthcare Global do not include health insurance.  If you are injured or become ill while traveling, you should plan on relying on your own health insurance to cover medical expenses.   UnitedHealthcare Global can assist with hospital payments, but the traveler remains responsible for the expenses incurred.  You can access the UHC Global  card here:  UHC Global Card.

  • NOTE: If you are traveling for personal or non-university business, please contact UnitedHealthcare Global Sales at 1-800-732-5309 or go to if you would like to purchase a similar program.

Please visit Global Cornell for more information on safely and securely traveling internationally.

Additional Resources:

Checklist for Managing Short-Term International Programs





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