Drones Guidelines and Part 107 Exam Prep



This information is for anyone interested in operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”), commonly known as “drones” on or above Cornell University (“University”) property, for university operations, research or recreational purposes.  UAS offer many new and exciting opportunities; however, they also create risks to privacy, security, regulatory compliance, property damage and safety.  The University has established guidelines to address these risks and create a safe campus environment.  These guidelines will answer your questions regarding UAS at the University so you can start flying as soon as possible.

All UAS operations must be approved by the Office of Risk Management and Insurance.  Here is guidance on registering a drone, pilot certification and flight plans:

Drone Registration, Pilot Certification and Flight Plan Guidance

For additional use-specific guidance please select the category that best describes you, or your type of use, from the list below.

Cornell Faculty or Staff

Cornell Students

Cornell Operations

Third-Party Vendors

Non-Cornell Personnel

Off-Campus UAS Operations

University owned UAS

Recreational use of UAS