Cornell University is committed to the protection of minors participating in University-operated programs and events.


The Office of Risk Management and Insurance provides guidance on managing the risk of minors at the University.  If you are operating programs, either educational, recreational or camps involving participants under the age of 18 years, please be advised that all such programs on University property or operated by the University, College, or Department are required to comply with New York State laws and standard risk management practices concerning the operation of such programs. We can help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Interpret University guidelines on the protection of minors: Protecting Minors at Cornell General Guidelines
  • Develop program-specific policies, procedure or guidelines
  • Provide guidance on University policy
  • Provide guidance on New York State labor laws governing employment of minors: NYS Labor Laws governing the employment of minors
  • Review current documents
  • Provide model best practices and guidelines
  • Consult on industry-recognized best practices
  • Train employees and volunteers
  • Develop program-specific behavioral expectations or codes of conduct for minors
  • Connect you with other University resources

New Programs:

Please register your program with the Department of Risk Management and Insurance.  After registering we will evaluate the program for needed compliance and best practices and advise you on completing steps “1 thru 4” below.

  1. Obtain a permit from the State Health Commissioner.
  2. Use the standardized forms developed regarding parental consent, medical issues, injury reports, etc., to insure compliance.
  3. Complete the Risk Management checklist available from our office: Checklist
  4. Review the Minors on Campus Guidelines: Protecting Minors at Cornell General Guidelines

We can provide additional guidance on program-specific practices.  Please contact our office for additional information.

If you are discussing the potential to run such a program or camp in the future, at least three months in advance of your program or camp you should follow the steps above to ensure timely processing of the necessary paperwork by the appropriate State agencies. Failure to obtain a permit may have legal consequences for your program or camp, as well as affecting any available insurance coverage. Your prompt and thoughtful attention to this matter is required to protect all involved in your program or camp.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a specific question or issue

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