UAV Information for Students

Students are allowed to operate a UAV at the University once Risk Management has approved the operation.  The FAA considers students as recreational or hobbyist operators when operating a UAV for recreational purposes at educational institutions or when operating in furtherance of their education.  The FAA elaborated on this use in a memorandum issued in May, 2016.  Students must operate within the parameters described in the memo and obtain Risk Management’s approval prior to operating UAV at the University.

Students are required to submit the following forms prior to operating at the University:  

  1. Please email the UAV Flight Request Form to the Office of Risk Management and Insurance ( Our Office will contact you as soon as possible to provide guidance.
  2. Please complete an Event Registration Form prior to operating the UAV at the University

Accident Reporting:

  1. Accidents resulting in serious injury to any person or any loss of consciousness, or damage to property, other than the UAS, if the cost to repair or replace is greater than $500 must be reported to the FAA within 10 days of the operatio
  2. Complete a University Injury Report in the event of injuries to any person or any loss of consciousness. Injury Report Form