Special Event Insurance

If you do not currently have insurance that meets the insurance requirements for private events on University property, the University has access to a special events insurance policy, that provides the required levels of coverage to use the facility and property, and also protects the individuals or organization holding the event.

The special event policy is designed for one time events and is usually less expensive than purchasing a short-term policy from an insurance company. All that needs to be done to put the insurance in place is to contact the Department of Risk Management & Insurance and complete a brief application to provide information regarding the event, such as type of event being held, number of participants, whether alcohol will be served and if the event includes vendors, performers, etc. Once you have provided the information pertaining to the event a quote can be provided. Once payment is received the event is insured! Cornell does not keep any money from the insurance; it is all forwarded to the insurance carrier.

Coverage is provided by Entertainment Brokers International

Current rates for 2007-2008 are:

Class I event: (banquets, business shows, craft shows, weddings, receptions, etc.)

1-99 attendees: $100, 100-500 attendees: $125. There is an additional cost for performers.

Special Event Insurance can be purachased on-line. Please contact our office to discuss what is needed.