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The Office of Risk Management and Insurance is responsible for:

  1. The purchase and management of liability, property and student insurance (exclusive only of Workers Compensation).
  2. Assisting units in the management of their risk through:
    1. planning what work must be done to protect Cornell against the adverse effects of accidental losses;
    2. organizing personnel and other resources to carry out this work;
    3. leading personnel throughout Cornell to motivate them in their responsibilities relative to risk management;
    4. controlling Cornell’s risk management program and evaluating its effectiveness.
    5. coordinating the experts in the areas of safety, security, law, claims administration, and finance in addressing claims, potential claims, and litigation against the University.
    6. making decisions relative to the risks that the University encounters in its operations.

The basic decision making process of risk management is as follows:

  • Identify potential human, physical, financial, and natural losses.
  • Measure the effect on Cornell should a loss occur.
  • Apply appropriate risk control and/or risk financing techniques.


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